Tusanyuse okukulaba Ewaka! Welcome Home!

In Luganda Ewaka means home, so we welcome you to this eco-friendly home for travellers here in Kampala. We Can not wait to share our home with you once again once the current situation changes. For now, enjoy seeing the amazing projects we have been/are getting done during the social distancing. 

While the pandemic has brought our world to a halt, we have been cooped up in our homes. Adjusting to new routines, unleashing our creativity and most importantly introspection.

Here at Ewaka, we have been getting things ready for when we can travel again. We have just finished our new website so you can keep up with your home in Kampala. We started work before the lockdown, working on a complete transformation of Ewakia. Turning it into your eco-friendly home in the heart of Kampala.

Our focus has been on creating eco-conscious art, upcycling waste into quirky art pieces. Plastic can last up to 500 years, so we figured it would make “timeless” art. It is better as an art piece instead of polluting Lake Victoria. To get all the litter we need for the art we started sorting our trash into plastic, general waste and compost. This helps us pick out the stuff we can upcycle so we can reduce our overall waste. It has also been great for our garden to have organic fertilizer made from our multiple compost bins. We use the compost to improve the fertility of the garden where we grow everything from beans to herbs. 

To live eco-friendly at Ewaka we will be hosting a community of environmentally conscious artists, dancers, singers and activists. We have a big garden that is perfect for celebrating our love for mother nature with beautiful art, compelling stories and an atmosphere to match our passion. Once the coronavirus measures are loosened we will look forward to hosting you and creating memories together.

Do not despair in the separation we all feel now. One day soon we’ll have a moment to explore nature, art and the sweet embrace of the pearl of Africa.

Keep the social distance until we can welcome you home!

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